Tournament of Chivalry
& St. Valentine's Day Massacre 2018

Sponsored by the Canton of Three Hills

In Kalamazoo, Michigan on February 9, 2019

Location:  Kalamazoo County Expo Center, 2900 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49048.
Map and Directions
Date: Saturday, February 9, 2019
Times: Site opens at 9 am and closes promptly at 10 pm.

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Three Hills Seneschal: Úlfarna Kjellen / Jax Anger,, 231-250-9238

Site Fees:

  • Adult Event Registration: $17
  • Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $12
  • Children ages 6-17: $5
  • Children 5 and under: Free

Volunteer Online Sign-Up Sites:

Garb Grab Table

  • Returning for a second year, the Garb Grab table will be located near the main entrance doors.
  • Bring out your old garb, and swap it for new to you items. 
  • This year we're expanding the swap to include useful items, such as mugs, feast gear, baskets, and more!"

Site Information

Location - Day Camps


Kalamazoo County Expo Center, 2900 Lake Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49048.
Map and Directions
Date: Saturday, February 9, 2019
Times: Site opens at 9 am and closes promptly at 10 pm.

General Site Information

  • ATM available onsite
  • No pets allowed on site; service animals welcome
  • DRY site; no alcohol permitted

Food Service

The event site requires use of their on-site concession stand but we cannot guarantee the quality, quantity, or variety of food that will be available, but there are no restrictions on bringing food and drink for personal use.
All we ask is that you be discrete with your items and that nothing is left out for an extended period of time that would allow the Site Manager to consider it a health code violation.

Day Camps

Limited Personal Items - No Open Food Buffets 
(Due to Site Rules, Health Department Rules and Fire Marshall Rules)
Fire Marshall Rules require set aisle widths and clear space. 

No loading or unloading through the main entrance of the expo center. 
  • For fencers, please use entrances on either side of the main entrance. 
  • To unload for heaving fighting, go to the historic front entrance of the building and look for unloading signs.
  • A&S can unload at the hall entrance on the 'fairground' side of the complex, there is also ample parking in that area.

Limited Personal Items means:

Allowed – Personal Chairs, food and drink in small coolers, small side tables, fight gear. 
Not Allowed – pop-ups, camping items, large storage boxes, large tables, items not for personal use.

No Open Food means:

Allowed – Personal food and drinks kept in coolers and small containers until consumption. 
Not Allowed – Open buffets left out for long periods of time to serve multiple people, tables of food for display or serving of large groups (other than those pre-approved for Vigils).

Areas near Fire Doors must be kept CLEAR:

Fire doors must be kept clear. All hallways and main walking areas between and through buildings must be kept free of stationary items for Fire Department access in an emergency. Please assist us by asking those who put items in these areas to locate to a new spot.

Important Information for Minors

Minors (anyone 17 years of age and under) attending events MUST:
Attend with a parent or legal guardian 
Attend with another responsible adult and have a valid SCA Medical Authorization for Minors form as well as a completed Minor Waiver signed by the parent or guardian. Note: Minor medical forms no longer have to be notarized as long as a witness there (a person not signing the form) who sees the process occur.
Without a parent, legal guardian, or valid Medical Authorization form, minors will not be allowed to attend the event. We cannot make exceptions to this policy. Please refer to the Middle Kingdom Minister of Youth page for more information. 
Note: Copies of the Minor Waiver form, duly executed, should be kept with the child; at least one adult named in the document and present at the event; and the parent or guardian executing the authorization. 
It is very important these documents are brought in this situation as we cannot admit a child without them into an event.

Minor Waiver Link
Medical Authorization for Minors Form

***Please note that the Canton of Three Hills requires the minor waiver completed for ALL youth regardless of membership status. If the minor was assigned a “Blue Card” and the card is signed as required, the waiver form must include the membership numbers in lieu of a signature, however all parent/guardian information must be included in addition to the minor(s) name(s), birthdate(s) and home state. We are sorry for the inconvenience; however this information is vital in helping us contact guardians in the event of an emergency.


Meeting Scheduler: Countess Catarina deBruyn

Room C- Meeting Room



9:00 am  
9:30 am  
10:00 am  
12:00 pm

Chatelaine Meeting

12:30 pm
1:00 pm

Midrealm Archery Marshals

1:30 pm
2:00 pm

MK Hounds- All are Welcome

2:30 pm
3:00 pm  
3:30 pm

Master of Defense- Peerage Meeting

4:00 pm
4:30 pm
5:00 pm

Chivalry Meeting – Peerage Meeting

5:30 pm
6:00/6:30 pm COURT in Room A – Room C available during court

Building Map

Preferred Hotel

Rate: $94 per night for Queen Double Rooms or King Rooms if booked before January 13, 2019
Four Points by Sheraton - Kalamazoo
3600 East Cork Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001
Book your group rate for St Valentine's Day SCA 2019
Reservation Phone No. 269-385-3922

Other Hotels

Event Staff

Event Steward: Lady Úlfarna Kjellen (Jax Anger),, 231-250-9238


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Rowan of Windtree Tower Three Hills Webminister

Main Schedule

  • Morning

  • 8:00 am - 11:00 am
      • Merchant- Setup and Check in Merchant Liaison- Expo North
    • 9:00 am
        • Site Opens
    • 9:30 am
      • Rapier Lists Open -Expo South
    • 10:00 am
      • Amored Combat - list opens- Authorizations and Inspections - Expo North
    • 11:00 am
      • Armored Combat - Pickups and Tourneys (tbd) - Expo North
    • 11:30 am to 12:15 pm
      • Armored Combat - Round #1 of TOC (45 minute block) - Expo North
  • Afternoon

    • 12:00 pm
      • Chatelaine Meeting, Room C
    • 12:15 to 12:45 pm
      • Armored Combat - 1st Break (30 minute block) - pickups & Tourneys (tbd) - Expo North
    • 12:45-1:30 pm
      • Armored Combat - Round #2 of TOC (45 minute block) - Expo North
    • 1:00 pm
      • Music/Dance Classes until 4- Room B
      • Midrealm Archery Marshals Meeting, Room C
    • 1:30 -2:30 pm
      • Armored Combat - 2nd Break - Youth TOC Tourney participants will process into the large hall and fight with any willing chiv (you are of course encouraged to go over to their list at any time, but we’re going to give them a bigger venue for a bit - Expo North
    • 2:00 pm
      • MK Hounds Meeting- Room C
    • 2:30-3:15 pm
      • Armored Combat - Round #3 of TOC (45 minute block) - Expo North
    • 3:00 pm
    • 3:15 pm
      • Amored Combat - open floor - Expo North 
    • 3:30 pm
      • Master of Defence Meeting- Peerage Meeting, Room C
    • 4:00 pm
    • 4:30 pm
      • Armored Combat - Pick up fighting will continue after the tournament while the Chivalry meet. - Expo North
    • 5:00 pm
      • Rapier Lists Close -Expo South
      • Chivalry Meeting- Peerage Meeting, Room C
  • Evening

    • 6:00 pm
      • COURT- Room A (estimated start time)
      • Dessert Revel & Ball- Room A (begins after Court ends)
    • 10:00 pm
        • Site Closes

Armored Combat

Marshal in Charge: THL Armand de Chartres


  • 10:00 AM – Authorizations & Inspections
  • 11 AM Pickups and Tourneys (tbd)
  • 11:30 - 12:15 Round #1 of TOC (45 minute block)
  • 12:15 - 12:45 1st Break (30 minute block) - pickups & Tourneys (tbd)
  • 12:45-1:30 - Round #2 of TOC (45 minute block)
  • 1:30 -2:30 - 2nd Break - Youth TOC Tourney participants will process into the large hall and fight with any willing chiv (you are of course encouraged to go over to their list at any time, but we’re going to give them a bigger venue for a bit)
  • 2:30-3:15 Round #3 of TOC (45 minute block)
  • 3:15 – open floor 
  • 4:30 – Chivalry Meeting -  Pick up fighting will continue after the tournament while the Chivalry meet.
  • 6 PM Court (estimated start time)

Rapier Combat

Rapier Activities: Lady Beryl Alethea

List A

9:30 - List Opens
9:45-11:00- Authorizations/ Sparring
11:00- Novice Tourney
Everyone can fight, but Warders and Masters of Defense are not allowed to win the tourney.  This tournament is for those who may not be as experienced as other fighters, but who have a lot of finesse and skill to display.

12:00-  Two-Handed Tournament
Bring out your two-handed sword and strut your stuff!  The rules of the tournament will depend on the number of participants but will most likely be a round-robin style.
1:00-2:00-  Lunch and Open Sparring

2:00- 4:00  Pentamere Melee Practice

5:00 List Closes

List B
9:30- List Opens
9:45-11:00-  Authorizations and Sparring
11:00- A Game Tournament
This will be a loser stays bear pit tournament.  Everyone who leaves the list will get a point.  Losers will stay up to three bouts and will receive a point upon exiting the field.  Fencers may choose their best form.  There may be several bouts occurring at once depending on the space within the list.  The winner will be determined based on who has the most points at the end of the tournament.

12:00-  Poker Tournament
This will be a Bear Pit style tournament.  Participants not start out with cards but will receive a card from a marshal at the front of the line.  Fencers may have a maximum of 7 cards, the best poker hand of five cards determines the winner.   Fighters have to discard if they have 7 cards before they can receive a new card.

1:00- 2:00-  Lunch and Open Sparring

2:00-4:00 Pentamere Melee Practice
5:00-  List Closes

List C-  Cut and Thrust
Note:  The Cut and Thrust Marshal will determine the final schedule closer to the event.
9:30- List Opens
9:45-11:00 Authorizations and Sparring
11:00-1:00 Risk Tourney
This is a challenge, single pass round robin tourney in which combatants may choose to take handicaps each round to earn extra points (multiple rounds depending on attendance). Rules: The combatant earns 1 point with each victory. For each bout, combatants may choose to adopt one or more handicaps to earn additional points.
Handicaps —
Single sword: + 1 point
No secondary: +1 point
Offhanded: +1 point 
Single arm: +2 points 
Weak: +1 point
Additional Conventions: — Combat will be conducted to standard C&T conventions unless noted elsewhere. — Head and body blows win in the case of a double against a leg or disarming blow. — Longswords qualify as single swords with no secondary, making them automatically worth 2 points. — Fencers who are ambidextrous may take the offhand handicap, but their opponent chooses which hand they use. — Case fencers may not take the “offhand” handicap, regardless of the lengths of their swords. The “single arm” handicap is worth 2 extra points because it includes the “single sword” handicap. — “Weak means any blow is a loss, including doubles.” — Accepting late blows delivered within a single action/tempo after the first blow lands (the after blow) is highly encouraged.

1:00-2:00-  Lunch and Open Sparring
2:00-5:00 -  Tournaments or Open Sparring

List D- Youth Fencing
Note:  Fencers may use this list for open sparring until 11:00 when it is reserved for any youth fighters.  After the youth fencers have completed any sparring or tournaments, the field will be open for open sparring at 2:00.
9:30 List Opens
9:45- 11:00-  Authorizations and Sparring
11:00- 2:00  Youth Fencing
2:00-5:00-  Open Sparring

Youth Combat

Youth Combat Marshal-in-Charge: Master Nyilas Kazmer


  • Youth list opens for inspections, authorizations, pick-ups and "Try-it" instruction.


  • Division 1 Tournament:  Our traditional "Duck-on-Head" tournament
  • Division 2 Tournament:  Lucky Chance Tourney - Combatants will toss a six-sided die to determine weapon style.
  • Division 3 Tournament: TBD

12:30-1:30pm - Lunch break

1:30-2:30pm - Youth Fighters will move to the Main Expo Hall to challenge any willing members of the  Chivalry (Youth ToC).  All youth fighters may participate.


  • Open list.  The Youth ToC may continue if adults are willing. 
  • Other activities may include small melee or pick-up fighting.

4:00pm - Youth List Closes

Loaner gear will be available on a first come, first served basis.  Interested youth are invited to try out youth combat either before or after the tournaments.

Anyone interested in becoming a Youth Marshal should contact the Marshal-in-Charge.  Marshal training to include a "fast-track" may be available to eligible candidates.

Youth sparring authorizations for adult fighters will be offered, as marshals are available.  Check at the youth list for times.  Adult fighters already authorized to spar are encouraged to come help train youth throughout the day.

Arts and Sciences

Arts and Sciences Coordinators: Baroness JahanAra & Mistress Zaynab

Assisted by THL Fujinami no Kaede
A&S Point Organized by Lady Ysenda of Andelcrag

Val Day Arts and Sciences Booklet- PDF

Greetings all!

At this time we have a full class list! Thank you to all teachers for volunteering and helping us make such an incredible A&S day of classes- we have an amazing variety of 33 total classes offered this year! If you have questions about the classes, you can contact the Val Day A&S staff at the email above.

-Baroness JahanAra & Mistress Zayneb
Val Day A&S Organizers

Val Day Arts & Sciences Display!

Arts and Sciences Coordinators: Baroness JahanAra & Mistress Zaynab

  • Bring your Arts and Sciences and display them in the annual Val Day Display.
  • We will have several tables for your items to placed as well as a short form that you can either print off from the booklet or fill out when you check in at A&S Information Point.Please drop off your items by 11am.
  • All items need to be retrieved no later than 4:15pm so we can set the hall for court.
  • Any questions can be answered at A&S Point.

Val Day Classes

Arts and Sciences Coordinators: Baroness JahanAra & Mistress Zaynab

(updated 14th January 2019)

11 am
Beginning illumination (Class Area 1, 1hr)
Instructor: THL Elayne Thorne
Even if you can't draw a straight line, you can make a scroll. Easy directions and all supplies provided to be able to start a scroll and take with you to finish.
Class Limit: 10; Class Fee: $5
Beginning Embroidery (Class Area 2, 1hr)
Instructor: Baroness Adelicia Marie d'Argent
Learn basic embroidery stitches. All supplies provided.
Wire Jewelry (Class Area 3, 1hr)
Instructor: Lady Noelle de la Plume
Learn the basics of wire jewelry - making links with beads on them - and make a bracelet or medallion hanger. *Note: Class does not include wrapping a stone or bead*.
Please bring tools, wire and beads if you have them. There will beads and wire to keep and tools available to borrow.
Class Fee: $3
This Medieval Life (Class Area 4, 1hr)
Instructor: Abbess Katherine von Schlosserwald, OL, KC
What would life had been like for the "Every man, woman and child" in the Middle Ages? Using research which focuses on the year 1200 in rural Yorkshire England
glimpse and imagine your world, beliefs, and feelings.
How to make a Karakumi Braid (Class Area 5, 11am 1pm, 2hrs)
Instructor: THL Fujinami no Kaeda
A instructional class on how to create a Karakumi braid, a complex flat braid of early period Japan.
Class is limited to the number of practice stands available (10), however others can
Field Guide to the SCA (Class Area 6, 1hr)
Instructor: Metressa Alzbeta Michalik
During the first half of this class we will discuss the sumptuary customs of the SCA and Middle Kingdom (what the fancy hats and belts mean.) The second half of the class we will go out on “safari”, identifying different examples of the various ranks and learning just what it means to hold those ranks.
Hands on Sample Sock Knitting (Class Area 7 Front of Stage, 2hrs)
Instructor: THL Audette la Tricoteuse de Saint Denis
Attendees at this class will have the opportunity to knit a sample sock! We will work on a modern style sock sample, in worsted weight yarn, as an entry to understanding how socks are structured, both period and modern. Attendees should be familiar with knitting in the round, k2tog, and ssk to fully participate in the class
Please bring 50-100 grams of worsted weight yarn (light or bright colors preferred for visibility of stitches), and a set of 5 double point needles in size 6, 7 or 8. Instructor will
have some supplies on hand for loan, if needed, but might not have enough for all attendees.
THL Audette will be available in her Day Camp near her class area after class for questions and assistance.
Gaming and Gambling! (Gaming Tables, 11am 4pm, All Day)
Instructor: THL Ceara inghean Mhuirgheasa
Strategy, chance, and gambling! There is something for everyone of all ages! There will be chances to gamble so please bring your coins! Don't have your coins? Think outside the box! Bring past tokens, sca jewelry, or other medieval trinkets to bargain with!
Gambling not your thing? That's okay too! Come to challenge another, or learn how to play games such as 3,9,12 Men's Morris, 5 field Kono, Glackhaus, Shut the Box, NIM,
Rota, The Game of Goose, Tafl, Alquerque, and so much more! Like a game?
Purchase one to take home! (Includes board, Instructions, and all pieces!)
12 pm
Beaded Flowers: Rose (Class Area 1, 1hr)
Instructor: Lady B'Gen Van der Sterren
Make a miniature rose out of beads and wire, in the style of 16th century Venice.
Class Limit: 20, Gentles 16 and up.
Middle Kingdom ePay Policy (Class Area 2, 1 hr)
Instructor: Lady Alays de la Salle, PayPal Deputy to the Exchequer, Midrealm
How does the Midrealm ePay system work? We'll go over what is required of event staff and populace, and the Deputy as well! Required training for Exchequers and
Reservationists/Gatekeepers for groups that want to use the system, but anyone that is interested is welcome.
Rings on Their Fingers: Making Wire Rings (Class Area 3, 1hr)
Instructor: Dame Elizabethe Alles
Learn to make simple medieval jewelry with supplies and tools you can get at your local craft store. Participants who would like to bring their own tools should bring a ring
mandrel, needle nose pliers, and flush cutters.
Class Fee: $1
Class Limit: Tools for 12. Students must be able to safely use wire cutters.
Stages of Sourdough Development (Class Area 4, 1hr)
Instructor: Tommaso il Vecchio, No One of Consequence
A sourdough culture passes through several stages of development between "a bowl of damp flour" and "Let's make some Bread!" This class will show cultures at various
stages of development and will discuss their characteristics and ecologies.
Class Limits: 13+, Wheat and wheat gluten will be present. Sharp knives in-use.
Some individuals find the smell of young sourdough objectionable. Bread will be served.
Cultures will be available for adoption or cloning. Bring a clean container!
Turk's Head Knots (Class Area 6, 1hr)
Instructor: Lady Rosie Dubroc
Do your tassels look a bit too mundane? Would you like to take them up a notch? In this hands-on class you will learn two common Turk's head knots that can not only be
used to decorate all sorts of things but are also just like those that adorned fancy period tassels.
Class Limits: Ages 16+
Hiina Dolls: Make your own 10th century Japanese Doll (Japanese Classroom
Main Hall, 1 hr)
Instructor: Baroness JahanAra amat al-Hafeeza
This class is a hands-on workshop to teach your how to make your very own Japanese Doll. These dolls were used by adults and children, so anyone can play. We will be
using felt to make them as it is a quick and easy way to learn. Examples of the silk dolls and the clothing will be available.
Kit will include instructions, patterns, felt for doll and two robes (precut).
Class Fee: $5 donation appreciated but not required, kids are free.
Class Limit: 20 kits available. Ages 8+, this class will involve using scissors and needles to sew. Minors should have an adult present.
1 PM
Midrealm Crown Tournament (Class Area 2, 1 hr)
Instructor: Mistress Claire FitzWilliam
Learn how Crown Tourneys are run in the Midrealm - good class for heralds, fighters
and others
From Russia with Gloves (Dressing for the Rus Winter) (Class Area 3, 1hr)
Instructor: Dovoryanka Kashka Mokosheva
It’s cold! Let's talk about the different layers of clothing worn in the Rus period, and how to wear them.
Darts at Indoor Events (Class Area 4, 1 hr)
Instructor: Forester Robert Thorne
How to run darts at indoor events. What is needed and how to do it.
Teaching Tips for the SCA Classroom (Class Area 4, 1hr)
Instructor: Baron Ermenrich
What makes a good class great? What frustrates people from teaching classes after a bad experience? This class to talk some of the common pitfalls that are encountered
when teaching an SCA class and what you, as an instructor, can do to control them.
Medieval Games I Wont Teach Your Kids (Class Area 5, 1hr)
Instructor: THLady SæhildR BarngothR
ADULTS ONLY- Dangerous, Weird, and/or Risqué activities and games that children and youths played in the Middle Ages
Class Limit: ADULTS ONLY
Embroidery 101 (Class Area 6, 2hr)
Instructor: HL Jerusha a'Laon
Using Mistress Ealasaid's hand out, we will learn the 8 basic period stitches and discuss beginner techniques. A kit will be provided with the option to purchase. Either way, you keep the hand out and your sampler
Class Fee: $5 if you want to keep the kit, otherwise free.
Class Limit: Ages 10 and over. Minors must have parent with them. 10 kits available,
but any number can audit.
Social Media for Fun & Non-Profit (Class Area 7 Front of Stage, 2hrs)
Instructor: Lady Sarah Ketillswif
How-to class covering technical and administrative aspects of social media. Including policies specific to the role of SMO. Class is open to all.
Research in the SCA Roundtable (Japanese Classroom Main Hall, 1 hr)
Instructors: Baroness JahanAra amat al-Hafeeza & THL Fujinami no Kaede
This is a Roundtable Discussion based upon our previous Research Classes where YOU bring your questions for us to talk about.
Drawing on our extensive experience outside of the SCA as researchers, we aim to talk about primary, secondary, and tertiary resources, how to evaluate resources and how to cite these sources in documentation. The goal behind this class is to help SCA researchers to better understand and use a variety of sources, and to overall make it
easier for SCA scholars to do research and, especially, for A&S fair entrants and judges, to evaluate the documentation.
Choral Rehearsal for Singers at Val Day Ball (Dance Room, Room C)
Instructor: THL Siri Toivosdotter
Singers! Congregate to rehearse the Choral Ball songs! Daphne/Hit or Misse, Hyde Park, Jamaica/Joviall Broome Man, Bonny Bonny Broome, Wooddicock/Whirligig, Adeu
O Desie of Delyt, Tanzen und Springen and Sellenger’s Round.
2 PM
Tablet Weaving No Loom? No Problem! (Class Area 1, 1hr)
Instructor: THL Sunnifa Gunnarsdottir
This class will discuss how to get started in tablet weaving without a large start-up cost. We will look at using backstraps, belts, clamps, and furniture to stretch the weaving. We will also discuss ways to make starter looms from wood, PVC, and metal pipe.
Verre Eglomise (Gilding Glass) (Class Area 2, 2hrs)
Instructor: THL Brynn Herleifsson
Learn a bit of the history of gilding glass with precious metal leaf and try it out. Materials fee covers a kit with one pre-gilded picture frame and the materials to gild a second.
During the class we will walk through the entire process from start to finish, and you'll take away a prepared (gilded) piece of glass to finish later or share with a friend!
Class Free: $10 - Includes materials kit for 2 pieces and handout
Trans 101 for the SCA (Class Area 3, 2hr)
Instructor: Thegn Samson Muskovich
As modern society becomes more open and accepting, transgender individuals are becoming more visible in their representation both in and out of the SCA. Please join us
for a discussion about interacting with these members of the populace. Topics will include history, etiquette, basic definitions for the community, and an open forum for
attendee questions.
Tassels and Whipcording (Class Area 5, 2hrs)
Instructor: Lady B'Gen Van der Sterren
Make tassels and whipcording and receive a purse pattern to use them for!
Lady Sillys Secret Service Shenanigans (Class Area 6, 1hr)
Instructor: Lady Silly (THL SæhildR BarngothR
Hands-on Service-based activities for people of all ages (children under 10 should have an adult along with them)
Beginner Dances for the Val Day Ball (Dance Room, Room C, 1hr)
Instructor: Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel
Learn some Beginner Dances for the Val Day Ball: Hyde Park, Sellenger’s Round, Hunt the Squirrel and Black Nag.
Japanese Crafts (Japanese Classroom Main Hall, 2 hrs)
JahanAra al-Shyka (Baroness) & Fujinami-sama
JahanAra and Fujinami will be holding an open time in their Japanese Classroom to craft, teach and visit over tea (or your beverage of choice). Join them, come finish your
doll from the earlier Japanese Doll class, talk to Fujinami about her Braiding class, or join us in a friendly game of Japanese Concentration (Kai-awase). Bring any of your
questions about what they do… Oh and come pet the pretty arts that they do.
3 PM
Lemons aren't just for lemonade: a brief history of contraception (Class Area 1, 1hr)
Instructor: Lady Albina Gherardi
A brief history of contraception, gentles18 and over please.
Class Limits: Adutls (18+) only.
Making targets for archery and thrown weapons (Class Area 4)
Instructor: THL Elayne Thorne
A show and tell with discussion of interesting targets for archery and thrown weapons, come prepared to learn about new and share what you have used.
Identifying and Addressing Cultural Appropriation (Class Area 7 Front of Stage)
Instructor: Lady Astridr Zahra Ymirsdottir
In this class, we’ll identify the differences between problematic cultural appropriation, and cultural assimilation, appreciation, or exchange. We’ll talk about why cultural
appropriation is harmful, in both a modern and SCA context, and explore some ways of self-evaluating and addressing our own behavior to avoid it. There will also be a
discussion portion, so please bring your questions and we can explore them as a group.
Dances for the Val Day Ball which will not be taught
Instructor: Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel
This class period will be used to teach the dances not taught at the Ball: Woodicock/Whirligig, Old Mole, Bizzaria d’Amore.

The Craftspersons' Faire and Laurel Prize Tournament

Liason: Meestres Eva vanOldebroek


The St. Valentine's Day Massacre will again play host to the Pentamere Regional Craftpersons' Faire and Laurel Prize Tournament. The Faire is an informal display with no judging, but entrants are encouraged to spend some time with their entry to share and explain it to others. Entrants wishing to reserve space for the Craftspersons' Faire can use this form: Standard size space is about 3' square. There may be more available depending on the number of entrants and the number of tables available.

The Laurel Prize Tournament is judged by the Laurels offering prizes. These are usually on a specific theme and the sponsoring Laurel will decide which of the entries they like best. You can enter both the Faire and any Prize Tourneys that fit your entry without having to take them to another location. Any Laurels who would like to sponsor a tourney can use the form here: Prize Tourney themes will be announced as they come in, so artisans can have as much time as possible to finish any entries geared toward a Challenge.

Questions can also be directed to me at

Thank you,
Meestres Eva vanOldebroek, Pentamere Regional MOAS

Laurel Challenges

Mistress Anthoinette de Martel: "Lookie I Did"

  • Children and Adults: have you created something of which you are particularly proud? Want to show people? Bring it. I will be looking for the overall impression and your sense of pride. Little details, not so much.
  • Please include a short write up of time and place, the inspiration, and why are you proud of your work. There will be prizes for both children and adults.
  • Prize: Adults- a choice of handmade items. Children- a game or toy seen in Brueugel's Children at Play.

Mistress Elizabethe Alles : “Best Educational Display/Demonstration” Challenge

  • Educate me and anyone else who visits your item about your art, either through a display or active demonstration. I'm looking for a display or demonstration that gives me a taste of what your art entails and enough resources/information so I know where to start if I want to try it.
  • The Prize offered is an Amazon gift card.

Mistress Elizabethe Alles: "Magpie's Delight"

  • The obsession that lead me to being a Laurel started with a little girl, shiny glass beads, and some wire. I'm still not safe unsupervised in a bead store.
  • I'm looking for the best entry that incorporates beads in one of the many ways they would have been used in period. It doesn't matter if it's a display of lampworking, embroidery, metalwork, jewelry, or whatever, as long as it incorporates beads. Tell me how your beads fit into your entry and how you chose them.
  • Prize: Gift card/certificate appropriate to winner's art.

Dancing and Music in Room B

Music Coordinator: THL Siri Toivosdotter
Dance Coordinator: Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel


Music for Dessert Revel and Ball is downloadable in ZIP format. Ball starts at 7:00 pm in Room A.

There will be 3 classes on Val Day in ROOM B

  • Class 1, 1PM for SINGERS, Instrumentalists welcome.  We will run through the Vocal pieces (all of Set 1 and Sellenger’s Round from Set 2)
  • Class 2, 2PM, for Beginner Dancers, Instrumentalists welcome. Learning Beginner dances for the Ball (Hyde Park, Sellenger’s Round, Hunt the Squirrel and Black Nag.)
  • Classs 3, 3PM, for Dancers, Instrumentalists welcome.  These dances will not be taught at the Ball: Woodicock/Whirligig, Old Mole, Bizzaria d’Amore.

Dance Sets for the Ball

Choral Set

1.     Daphne/Hit or Misse 
2.     Hyde Park 
3.     Jamaica/Joviall Broome Man 
4.     Bonny Bonny Broome 
5.     Wooddicock/Whirligig (Not taught) 
6.     Adeu, O Desie of Delyt (Pavane) 
7.     Tanzen und Springen (Galliard)

Set 2 Mostly Instrumental

1.     Sellenger’s Round (Choral) 
2.     Hunt the Squirrel 
3.     Contrapasso Chigi 
4.     Rostiboli Gioiosa 
5.     Old Mole (Not taught) 
6.     Korobushka

Set 3 Modern Mashup (Renaissance Dances set to Modern Music)

1.     Black Nag to Ghostbusters 
2.     Posties/Irishman’s Shanty to Devil Went Down to Georgia 
3.     Black Alman to Mortal Combat 
4.     Goddesses to Star Wars Cantina Band 
5.      Bizzaria d’Amore to Safety Dance  (Not taught) 
6.     Trenchmore to Istanbul not Constantinople

SINGERS For Adeu, O Desie of Delyt, we will attempt period dialogue. We will sing Verses 2 and 4.  If you want to get a feel for it, watch this (Owain Phyffe):

INSTRUMENTALISTS For Hunt the Squirrel, Descant does not need to be played the first time through. 
The last set of Dances will not be played at the Ball, but you are MOST welcome to play for the class.


Dessert Revel and Ball

Music Coordinator: THL Siri Toivosdotter
Dance Coordinator: Baroness Gwenllyen the Minstrel
Dessert Revel Comestibles Coordinator: Lady Ysenda of Andelcrag

Dessert Revel:

And, to accompany the Ball, the Dessert Revel! This year the theme is Chocolate n Cherries! The best chocolate/cherry dessert will win a 20.00 gift certificate- winner decides where from. Since we no longer have use of the kitchen for prep, storage and clean-up, desserts will be staged in Classroom B. Check in at troll if you are not sure where this is. We will have a cooler (or the giant outside Michigan cooler) for desserts that need to be chilled. IF possible, desserts that are bite-sized or individually presented work really well as far as clean-up goes. Ingredient lists are always welcome. And if you can't do home-made, store-bought is fine! Also, you do not have to limit yourself to sweets. Savory items are welcome as well. The goal is to have lovely treats for our dancers and musicians. Thank you and I look forward to tasting your confections! Please email me if you have any questions or such.- Ysenda of Andelcrag

Dance Sets for the Ball

Choral Set

1.     Daphne/Hit or Misse
2.     Hyde Park
3.     Jamaica/Joviall Broome Man
4.     Bonny Bonny Broome
5.     Wooddicock/Whirligig (Not taught)
6.     Adeu, O Desie of Delyt (Pavane)
7.     Tanzen und Springen (Galliard)

Set 2 Mostly Instrumental

1.     Sellenger’s Round (Choral)
2.     Hunt the Squirrel
3.     Contrapasso Chigi
4.     Rostiboli Gioiosa
5.     Old Mole (Not taught)
6.     Korobushka

Set 3 Modern Mashup (Renaissance Dances set to Modern Music)

1.     Black Nag to Ghostbusters
2.     Posties/Irishman’s Shanty to Devil Went Down to Georgia
3.     Black Alman to Mortal Combat
4.     Goddesses to Star Wars Cantina Band
5.      Bizzaria d’Amore to Safety Dance  (Not taught)
6.     Trenchmore to Istanbul not Constantinople

Youth Activities- Room A

Youth Activities Coordinator: Lady Morgan Wynn de Byrd

  • Heart Strings - youth will create heart pendants and string them on necklaces.
  • Bag of Hearts - youth will sew up leather heart pouches with built in game board.
  • Heart Art - youth will create/decorate valentines cards.
  • Woven Hearts - youth will weave together felt to create heart pouch.
  • Battle of the Hearts - youth will participate in a friendly battle of games.


Merchant Liaison: Baroness Emmalie the Faire

Welcome merchants!

Merchant Reservation Forms- downloadable in PDF format.

Attending Merchants

  1. Amber Hammer Creation
  2. Annikas Dungeon
  3. Black Swan Inn
  4. Bridget's Yard Sale
  5. By My Hand Designs
  6. Caitlin's Cloaks
  7. Calontir Trim
  8. Celtic Sun
  9. Crimson Chain Leather Works
  10. Cynthia Marie Heinsen
  11. DuPuy Creations
  12. Field of Honor Armor
  13. Game of Threads
  14. Glow Again (non-profit)
  15. Halden Creations
  16. Hedwig's Corner
  17. Isak Darkcraft Leather
  18. Kemmer Woodworks
  19. Kraken Press
  20. Large Wooden Badger
  21. Medieval Medallions
  22. Medieval Medallions
  23. Mistress Keiley Bake Sale
  24. Munititions Grade Arms
  25. North Star Armoury
  26. Red Dragon Designs
  27. Sparks of Inspiration
  28. Talanval's Castle Clearance
  29. The Amber Fox
  30. UnCommon Clay
  31. VCR - wooden chairs
  32. Viking Archery Supply
  33. Wandering Wood Products
  34. Whyteboar Wares