Three Hills History

The history of our Canton is very much tied up with the development of our Barony. So here is A History of the Barony of Andelcrag, arranged by Baronial reigns, documentation based on the SCA Online Armorial or the Midrealm Order of Precedence, except where noted.

The First Three Hills Event

First Fighting Photo“This was taken on the Quad at Kalamazoo College, the first event in what would become the Canton of the Three Hills.

In the fall of 1971, the Homecoming theme was on the Middle Ages, so a few students at K who had been exposed to the SCA elsewhere, organized a small tournament on the Quad in conjunction with Homecoming. Some in attendance later began classes at Western Michigan University. Kalamazoo College and Western’s West Campus are each located on large hills in the city of Kalamazoo

One of Kalamazoo’s noted features is the State Hospital Water Tower, located at the top of Oakland hill. When the baby group was deciding on a name for themselves, they realized they had the perfect solution: Canton of Three Hills. The First Hill represented our founding location, Kalamazoo College. The Second Hill represented the bulk of the students at Western Michigan University. The Third Hill represented the State Hospital, where we all figured we’d end up someday. It was also a way cool landmark, what other SCA group had a medieval looking Tower in it? NONE, in 1971.

Thus, the Canton of Three Hills’ name is based on Kalamazoo’s geographical features and its mental institution.”

Mistress Siobhan O’Neill

Baronial Timeline

Baronial Timeline

1975– Oct 4, Algorik of Valkarth becomes founding Baron of Andelcrag
1981– Name Canton of the Three Hills registered
1984– Name Andelcrag, Barony of registered
1986– Device for Andelcrag, Barony of registered- Sable, on a pile inverted throughout argent between two lightning bolts in chevron inverted Or a laurel wreath vert.
1989– Name for Canton of Rimsholt registered
1989– Device for Canton of Rimsholt registered- Purpure, a fir tree couped within a laurel wreath within a bordure embattled, all argent.

1990– Feb 17, Karl Aerdigwidder von Zauberberg called Fum, becomes Baron of Andelcrag
1990– Device for Canton of the Three Hills registered- Per fess azure and vert, a fess dancetty (‘dancetty’ changed to ‘indented’ in 1991) in chief Or, in chief a laurel wreath vert, fimbriated Or.
1993– Name for Order of the Salient Hart registered

1996– Sep 21, Benedict of Beverly and Emma de Winter become Baron and Baroness of Andelcrag
1997– Badge for Order of the Guardant Ram registered- Per chevron sable and argent a brown ram’s head caboshed proper armed Or.
1997– Name for Order of the Guardant Ram registered
1997– Badge for (Defender of Andelcrag?) registered- Or, two lightning bolts in saltire sable.
1998– Name for Canton of Dun Traigh registered
1998– Device for Canton of Dun Traigh registered- Per bend wavy Or and azure, a tower sable issuing a flame gules, and a laurel wreath Or.
1999– Name for Canton of Three Walls registered

2000– Sep 16, Thorfinn Grimkelsson and Brighid ni Caernaigh become Baron and Baroness of Andelcrag
2000– Badge for Order of the Salient Hart registered- (Fieldless) A hart courant azure.
2002– Device for Canton of Three Walls registered- Per fess vert and sable, a fess bretessed between a chalice and a laurel wreath Or.
2004– Name for Canton of Westmere registered

2005– Feb 12, Garth of the Crags and Kassia Gildea become Baron and Baroness of Andelcrag
2005– Badge registered (Butterfly?)- Or, three monarch butterflies proper within a bordure purpure.
2006– Device for Canton of Westmere registered- Azure, a trident surmounted by a laurel wreath and on a chief argent two paw prints sable.
2009– Badge registered (Defender of the Tower?)-Sable, on a pile inverted argent a tower sable, a bordure embattled Or.

2010– Feb 13, Logan Na’ealgaith and Zaynab Yasmine become Baron and Baroness of Andelcrag
2014– Jan, First Bolt, an informal Baronial award, given at Winter Revel

2014– Feb 15, Collette de Valois and Antonia Lavinia Maria Toscano become Baroness and Baroness of Andlecrag

2018– Feb 10, Raymond d’Anjou and Hauviette d’Anjou become Baron and Baroness of Andelcrag

2023– Feb 11, Thomasette de Harfleur and Adallisia moglie di Simon Varzi become Baroness and Baroness of Andelcrag

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