For information on Merchanting at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre contact our Merchant Coordinator, Baroness Emmalie the Faire (Emily Hoskins), [email protected]. Please allow additional time for response as our Merchant Coordinator has a non-traditional work schedule.

Merchants are listed below after their reservation has been confirmed.

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Confirmed Merchants

The Canton of Three Hills is pleased to welcome the following Merchants to the St. Valentine’s Massacre this year:

  • A Leather Crafter
  • Amber Hammer Creations
  • By My Hand Designs
  • Celtic Sun
  • Crosstime Caravan
  • Dragon Cutlery
  • Egill’s Woodstuffs
  • Elemental Earthworks
  • Glow Again
  • Halden Creations
  • Hedwig’s Corner
  • JoyPup Customs
  • Kalamazoo Dry Goods (Fabric)
  • Kraken Press
  • Large Wooden Badger
  • Luminous Studios
  • Lux Design
  • Mann’s Candy Castle
  • Midnight Arts
  • Munitions Grade Arms
  • Neoteric Heirlooms
  • Oma’s Crafty Designs
  • Ram’s Head Craftworks
  • SCA Persona Renovation Sale
  • Silver Heron Studios
  • Talonval’s Castle Clearance
  • The Amber Fox
  • The Not So Ugly Duckling
  • Trees from DeForest
  • VCR (Van’s Chairs)
  • Water Weasel Mudworks

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