Youth Point

Youth Point

Join our Minister of Youth, Lady Morgan Wynn de Byrd, for a series of activities at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Youth Point is located in the A&S Hall. Youth Combat will take place in the Rapier and Cut & Thrust Hall with Master Kazmer.

Youth Activities Schedule

TimesTable 1Table 2
10am-11amLeather ToolingLeather Tooling
11am-12pmBound to be FunBound to be Fun
12pm-1pmYouth Point ClosedYouth Point Closed
1pm-2pmLove Makes the World SpinTable Games
2pm-3pmGame BagsArt Explosion
3pm-4pmIlluminated Tag

Youth Point Activity Descriptions

Leather Tooling
Youth and teens will be able to stamp or tool a length of leather (belt, circlet, or bracelet) and various small pieces. Then paint as desired.

Bound to be Fun
Youth and teens can explore basic book binding.

Love Makes the World Spin
All sorts of spinning toys for youth to make and take.

Table Games
Teens can bring games to play.

Game Bags
Youth and teens can make travel board games. And play their games.

Art Explosion
Teens can explore their artistic side

Illuminated Tag
Youth and teens are welcome to learn about and try their hand at the art of illumination.

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