Rapier and Cut & Thrust, & Youth Combat Hall

The Rapier, Cut & Thrust, & Youth Combat Hall hosts a variety of activities.

Youth Armored Combat

Please note that the schedule is subject to change without Notice, Contact Master Kazmer with any questions.

TimeList 1List 2
10am – 12pmList Opens for:
Youth Sparring Authorizations
12pm – 1pmLunch BreakLunch Break
1pm – 2:30pmTournaments
1pm – Division 1 (Duck-on-head)
2pm – Division 3 TBD
1:30pm – Division 2 (Dice Game)
2:30pm – 4pmMelees
Limited loaner gear will be available. I cannot supply groin protection for male youth who have
reached puberty. Please come prepared.

Youth Sparring Authorizations

For currently authorized Adult Armored combatants who wish to add an advanced authorization allowing them to spar with youth combatants.

Division 1 Tournament (Duck-on-head)

A yellow Rubber Duckie will be affixed to the top of the helm by a loop of duct tape. Victory is achieved by knocking off the duck. Allowed weapon styles are: single-sword, two-sword, great sword, polearm. NO shields allowed.

Division 2 Tournament (Dice Game)

Bear-pit style tournament. Each combatant will roll a dice to determine the weapon style they must fight for each bout. Weapon styles are: sword & shield, Two sword, Single sword, great sword, polearm, and dagger & buckler. Extra weapons will be provided.

Division 3 Tournament


First Timers

Any youth wishing to try Youth Combat for the first time is welcome throughout the day (even during the lunch break). Come to the list table and we will endeavor to accommodate you based on availability of loaner gear and marshals.

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Rapier and Cut & Thrust Schedule

In addition to the scheduled activities below, there will be an open list for non-scheduled rapier fun!

Time SlotMain ListCut & Thrust List
9:00amList ClosedList Opens
C&T and Grappling Authorization
9:30amList ClosedC&T and Grappling Authorization (Continued)
10:00amList Opens for authorizations & InspectionsC&T and Grappling Authorization (Continued)
10:30amAuthorizations & Inspections (Continued)Grappling Tournament (10:30am-12:30pm)
11:00amCat Shelter Charity TournamentGrappling Tournament (Continued)
11:30amCat Shelter Charity Tournament (Continued)Grappling Tournament (Continued)
12:00pmLunch BreakGrappling Tournament (Continued)
12:30pmLunch Break
1:00pmMelee Drills
1:30pmMelee Drills (Continued)
2:00pmMelee Drills (Continued)Bolognese Tournament (2pm-3:30pm)
2:30pmMelee Drills (Continued)Bolognese Tournament (Continued)
3:00pm“A” Game TournamentBolognese Tournament (Continued)
3:30pm“A” Game Tournament (Continued)
4:00pm“A” Game Tournament (Continued)
4:30pm“A” Game Tournament (Continued)
5:00pmList Closed
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Rapier Activity Descriptions

Focus on Ferals Cat Shelter Charity Tournament

  • To enter the Charity Tournament fencers should bring a item of $5 or more to donate. •
  • The items can be:
    • Wet cat food o Clumping kitty litter
    • Cleaning bleach wipes
  • Winner will be determined by a double elimination tournament.
  • Fencers may use any style they are authorized in.
  • The cat shelter is Focus on Ferals. https://www.facebook.com/FocusOnFerals/
    • If you would like to donate directly to Focus on Ferals via online purchase. Please use this link to their Amazon Wish List. http://a.co/06Oc4jy Please use the “Filter & Sort” to see the items that are needed most. o Please bring in a printed or electric receipt of your donation to enter in the tournament.
  • The winner of each bout will be determined from a Best out of 3 matches Melee Madness

Melee Madness

Melee scenarios – Marshal Miche Lame

“A”-Game Tournament

Bring your best rapier form

  • Pooled group format •
  • Fencers will be group based on award Level o
    • Novice
    • Cavendish Knot
    • Warder or White Scarf
    • Master of Defense
  • Everyone will spar against everyone in their group.
    • Top two fencers in the Novice, Cavendish and Warder pool will progress and only 1 Master of Defense will progress to the final Pool
  • Winner will be the fencer with the most wins in the final Pool
    • Double kills will count against both fencers in the final Pool Youth Rapier
  • Will be led by Lord Johannes

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Cut & Thrust Activity Descriptions

Grappling Tournament

All participants must be authorized in the c&t grappling experiment to be eligible to enter. Overall format will be a round robin with each fight being fought to three passes (not best of three). Doubles count as loss for both fighters. Fighters will only be allowed to enter wielding a single weapon (a single handed sword, a two handed sword, dagger, polearm). No secondaries (shields, cloaks, case, sword and dagger) will be allowed.

Fights can either be won with a standard blow from a weapon or through a grapple. In the case where a successful blow is performed in the same tempo as a successful grapple, the blow from a weapon will take precedence and that fighter will be declared the winner of the pass. If both fighters perform a successful grapple at the same time, the fight will continue and it will not be considered as a double.

Before each fight, combatants shall discuss what level of grappling they wish to consent to. The options are to go until one fighter has been sufficiently unbalanced, to go until a throw, or to go until submission either standing or on the ground. Fighters may choose to change the level they wish to engage with in-between passes if they so choose and will not be required to stick to one level the whole time.

If any combatants step out from the tournament before fighting everyone else, no points scored against them shall be counted.

Non-metal weapons are allowed as a part of this tournament at the discretion of the combatants.

Bolognese Tournament

One handed swords may only have a blade that’s 38″ or shorter and two handed swords will only be allowed to have blades that are 40″ or shorter. There is no length restriction on polearms, but polearms may only be used against other polearms.

The format shall be a Swiss style tournament. Each fight will be fought to five passes (not best of five). After the first round fighters will be paired with another combatant who has roughly the same number of total points as they do. All bye fights will be destructive.

For each pass a blow to the head will result in three points, a blow to the foot will be awarded two points, and a blow anywhere else shall be awarded one point. If both combatants are struck within the same tempo, no points will be awarded regardless of which body parts are hit.

Grappling and non-metal weapons will be permitted in this tournament at the discretion of the combatants.

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