Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

The Canton of Three Hills thanks you for your willingness to volunteer at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre event. Please see the opportunities listed below. Please note that not all opportunities have a sign up sheet at this time.

Don’t see what you’re looking for or don’t know where to start? email the Event Steward for assistance figuring out where your skills are needed most!


Please consider volunteering your time to serve Their Majesties throughout the day by volunteering for a retainer shift. We are also pleased to welcome visiting Royalty From NorthShield and Ealdomere. Click the links below to see available retainer shifts:

Their Royal Majesties of Midrealm, Wigthegn and Nesssa Retainers:

His Ryoal Highness of Midrealm, Ivan Retainers:


Their Royal Majesties of Ealdormere, Breyla and Baldric Retainers:


Royalty Room Guards and Brute Squad: The Royalty Liaison requests the assistance of the populace for assistance with guarding the royalty room as well as helping Their Majesties, His Highness, and Their Excellencies load, unload, and relocate thrones and other belongings throughout the day. Please Volunteer using the link below:

Gate Volunteers: Is the line too long to check in at events? Please consider volunteering your time to make everyone’s check-in experience smoother. 1 hour shifts (or more) are available now! Sign up using the link below:


Other Opportunities

  • This event is a fabulous opportunity for MITs to gain experience and signatures towards obtaining their Marshall warrant. Please contact the marshals for your chosen field(s) of combat for additional information.
  • Opportunities to volunteer with our youth at Youth Point or to work with Youth in our Youth Combat area are usually available at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Please contact Lady Morgan Wynn de Byrd (Windi Sievers) for interest in helping with Youth Point or Master Kazmer (George Martin) for more information on Youth Combat.

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