Covid-19 Policy Updates

COVID-19 Measures

The Covid-Safe Policy has been updated and is effective 3/7/22. On March 6, the Middle Kingdom has moved to a Tier 2 Covid-19 response. For Information on Covid-Safe Tier Levels click HERE. An addition to the March 6 updates was published and is effective 3/722. Click HERE to view the whole text of the addition to the update update. Below is an excerpt from the text regarding Covid-19 measures at meetings and practices listed in the additional update:

The requirement to check that each attendee has proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid test within 72 hours of the event remains however the manner of attesting to that fact has changed.

At check in or at a local meeting the documents must be viewed and then the member will sign an attestation confirming that they have provided such proof. Every person in attendance, including staff must sign the document. This document must then be sent to the waiver deputy within 30 days of the event/meeting/practice ([email protected]) where it will be filed and kept for 7 years.

The attestation can be found here (pdf).

What this means to you:
Proof of vaccination can be checked with proof of membership or preregistration at the gate of an event. Busy events may have more than one sheet simultaneously. The COVIDSAFE attestation is now treated identically to every other waiver. There is no requirement for only a single checker or check in by letter of last name. This will speed up the process of checking in for events.

Each person at the event/meeting/practice must have their proof checked by someone and they must sign the form.

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